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Gurthang Pre-Order + New Articles in Stock

24/03/15 – Our latest release, Gurthang‘s full length album ‘I Will Not Serve’, can now be pre-ordered on CD and as a digital download on Bandcamp. Have a listen now:

We also updated our shop shop with a bunch of new articles:

New In Stock:
Anachronaeon – The New Dawn
Anachronaeon – As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies
Cryfemal – Perpetua Fúnebre Gloria
Cryfemal – Increibles Tormentos
Cryfemal – Apoteosis Oculta / Letanias del Necromante (A5 Digipack)
Folkearth – A Nordic Poem
Folkearth – By the Sword of My Father
Folkearth – Drakkars in the Mist
Folkearth – Father of Victory
Karcinoma – The Night… Apogee of Madness
Muert – Ahul Xaxo
Scratching Soil – Separatism
Stormvold – Third Bestial Mutilation
Vietah – Zorny maroz

Cryfemal – With The Help Of The Devil

New Articles in Stock

27/02/15 – A litte update in our shop:

New In Stock:
Dantalion – When Ravens Fly Over Me
K.F.R – Nekro
Nocturnal Degrade – The Deep Tragic Human Condition

Apathia – Desolation
Clouds On Elektricity – Clouds On Elektricity
Fornicatus – Razorsunday
Fornicatus / Apathia / Andrarakh – Weeping Spirits – An Ode to Sorrow in Man
Hats Barn – A Necessary Dehumanization
Kvell – Anti-Religion
Lost Inside – Hearts Will Grow Heavy
Sarkrista / Sielunvihollinen – Sarkrista / Sielunvihollinen
Sepulchral Cries – Misery Exhibits
Sepulchral Cries – A Sombre Soul

New Articles In Stock

17/02/15 – Today we can bring you a major stock update in our shop. Have a look and grab these items while they are still available!

New In Stock:
Abusiveness – Bramy Nawii
Arcana Coelestia – Nomas
Arvas – Into the Realm of the Occult
Azziard – Vésanie
Decayed – Hexagram
Eerie – Into Everlasting Death
Genius Ultor – Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce
Hellsaw – Phantasm
Incipient Chaos – Sulphur
Janvs – Fvlgvres
Joyless – Wild Signs of the Endtimes
Kaiserreich – Ravencrowned
Lustre – A Glimpse Of Glory
Moonreich – Terribilis Est Locus Iste
N.K.V.D. – Hakmarrja
Nemesis Irae – Eradikate Kampaign
Nordwind – ‘Walk to the Woods / Nordwind
Pestroyer – Inquisiteurs des temps modernes
Rotten Liver – Purification by Debauchery
Sanctus Nex – Aurelia
Sigihl – Trauermärsche (And a Tango upon the World’s Grave)
So Much For Nothing – Livsgnist
Storm Of Darkness / Luciferian – From Underground to the Black Mass…
Streams Of Blood / Chant Of Blasphemy – Infernal Lamontations
Svarti Loghin – Empty World
Svarti Loghin – Sea Of Green
The Negation – Paths of Obedience
The Stone – Nekroza
Tomorrowillbeworse – Down the Road of Nothing
Zørormr – Kval (A5 Case)

Abigor – Leytmotif Luzifer (A5 Digipack)
Deathrow – The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening
Drowning The Light – An Alignment of Dead Stars
Kult – Unleashed from Dismal Light
SAD – Devouring The Divine
The Committee – Power Through Unity
The Stone – Магла
The Stone – Golet
Urgehal – Rise Of The Monument
Woods Of Infinity – Förlât

New In Stock:
Abyssgale – Hegemon
Adversus – Principium Ascensionis
Apolokia – Kathaarian Vortex
Bloodthirst – Chalice Of Contempt
Den Saakaldte – Øl, mørke og depresjon
Hellige – Hellige
Hellige – God
Hellige – Demo
Morkenatten / De Vermis Mysteriis – Ayin Harsha
Nethermancy – Born Of Fire
Ordoxe / Wolf & Winter / Nox Illunis / Dark Blasphemer – Berserkers of the Rotten Lands
Sarkom – Doomsday Elite
Vollmond – Rituals of Conquest

Flagellated Seraph – Beyond Salvation
God Is An Astronaut – A Moment Of Stillness
Pg.Lost – In Never Out
Total Hate – Depopulating Planet Earth

New In Stock:
Hyena – Hyena (7″ Vinyl)
Forgotten Tomb – Negative Megalomania (12″ Vinyl)
Woods Of Infinity – Hamptjärn (12″ Vinyl)
Woods Of Infinity – Förlåt (12″ Vinyl)

Sarkom – Exit Terra (7″ Vinyl)
Angst Skvadron – Valium Holocaust (10″ Vinyl)
Evilfeast – Wolves of Hyperborean Frost (10″ Vinyl)
Evilfeast – Invoking the Ancient (10″ Vinyl)

New In Stock:
Ars Veneficium / Azaghal – The Will, The Power, The Goat
Ars Veneficium / Azaghal – The Will, The Power, The Goat (Girlie)
Dødsfall – I Det Lyset Gar Ned
Drowning The Light – Blood For The Countess
Drowning The Light – The Blood Of The Ancients
Drowning The Light – The Weeping Moon
Drowning The Light – Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age
Hypothermia – Logo + Picture | White
Isvind – Daumyra
Isvind – Daumyra (Longsleeve)
The Stone – Golet
Woods Of Desolation – Logo

Lifelover – Pulver