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New Articles In Stock

18/04/15 – We added a bunch of new items to our shop, including a bunch of nice bundles for a cheaper price. Have a look:

New In Stock:
Death Karma – The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I
Hic Iacet – The Cosmic Trance into the Void
Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples

Beyond – Fatal Power of Death
Bölzer – Aura
Cult Of Fire – Triumvirát

New In Stock:
Apnea – Ethereal Solitude (CD + Shirt)
Ars Veneficium – The Abyss (CD + Logo Shirt)
Ars Veneficium / Azaghal – The Will, The Power, The Goat (Black Vinyl + Shirt)
Atra Vetosus – Voices From The Eternal Night (CD + Logo Shirt)
Fortíð – Album Bundle (3 CDs)
Ondfødt – Hexkonst (CD + Shirt)
Pagan – Album Bundle (3 CDs)
Preteen Deathfuk – Album Bundle (3 CDs)
Sterbenzeit – L’Oltrenotte (CD + Shirt)
Waldschrat – Nostalgie.Resonanz (CD + Shirt)

New Articles In Stock

27/02/15 – We have just updated our shop with a lot of new articles. Have a look before they’re gone!

New In Stock:
Anaboth – Nie czas pomiotów
Anaboth – Pomiędzy światami
Azaghal – Arvet I
Azaghal – Arvet II
Chaoscraft – Procreation Through Disaster
Cultes Des Ghoules – Häxan
Cultes Des Ghoules – Henbane
Devil’s Emissary – Malignant Invocation
Devil’s Emissary – Evangelic Decimation
Egzekwie – Czarna noc duszy
Fortíð – 9
Funeral Fog – Isolated from Light
Mgła – Mdłości + Further Down the Nest
Rusting Sun – Behind The Shadows
Sõjaruun – Sõjaruun
Szron – Pure Slavonic Blasphemy / Cult of Death
Szron – Zeal
Szron – Death Camp Earth
Szron – Mankind’s Funeral
Szron / Kriegsmachine – Szron / Kriegsmachine
Srzon / Martwa Aura – Temples of Genocide Worship
Vardan – Verses from Ancient Times
Vardan – The Night, the Loneliness

Cerberus – Chapters Of Blackness
Erhabenheit – Vom Tempel Zum Throne
Nachtvorst – Stills
Sõjaruun – Org
Sõjaruun – Talv
Svarttjern – Misanthropic Path Of Madness
Wolfsschrei – Demons Of My Innerself
Wolfsschrei – The Unknown Spectre Of Evil
Zahrim – Liber Compendium Diabolicum (The Genesis of Enki)

Gurthang Pre-Order + New Articles in Stock

24/03/15 – Our latest release, Gurthang‘s full length album ‘I Will Not Serve’, can now be pre-ordered on CD and as a digital download on Bandcamp. Have a listen now:

We also updated our shop shop with a bunch of new articles:

New In Stock:
Anachronaeon – The New Dawn
Anachronaeon – As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies
Cryfemal – Perpetua Fúnebre Gloria
Cryfemal – Increibles Tormentos
Cryfemal – Apoteosis Oculta / Letanias del Necromante (A5 Digipack)
Folkearth – A Nordic Poem
Folkearth – By the Sword of My Father
Folkearth – Drakkars in the Mist
Folkearth – Father of Victory
Karcinoma – The Night… Apogee of Madness
Muert – Ahul Xaxo
Scratching Soil – Separatism
Stormvold – Third Bestial Mutilation
Vietah – Zorny maroz

Cryfemal – With The Help Of The Devil