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Sacrificum Carmen signed

21/04/14 – We are proud to announce that Sacrificum Carmen signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of the Split album ‘Trinity Of Luciferian Illumination’ with Sarkrista and Forbidden Eye.

SACRIFICIUM CARMEN is a five piece black metal band from Tampere, Finland founded in 2009 by monikers Hoath Cambion and Advorsvs. The band draws their inspiration from the areas of Occultism and Satanism exclusively. The band activated in 2012 with full line-up and band’s debut demo work titled “Sanansaattaja” was released in 2013 by finnish underground label Spread Evil Productions.

Currently the band is working on future material that has been infused for years as to be released in the form of debut full-length album.

Sacrificium Carmen plays black metal with melodic and atmospheric touch where all these tendencies has been directed into very aggressive and sinister output where Finnish black metal sound meets flat death metal sound as seen with orthodox bm acts.

In early 2014 Sacrificium Carmen signed a contract with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of their 3-way split album “Trinity Of Luciferian Illumination” with Sarkrista and Forbidden Eye which will be limited to 500 copies on CD.

New Articles In Stock

18/04/14 – We just got a few new releases in stock. You can order them from our shop:

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